Company Profile

Global Expertise with Local Service Base


Global Partnerships & Representations

Elogics is representing
Best Technology & Solution Providers
With proven Success in their domain

Global Coverage of Most of the Technology tools for Banks, FI & Corporate Sector

TEMENOS, Oracle Digital Banking, SAP Ai Solutions, Trading & Other Support Systems

Advisory & Consulting At Your door step

Our local Experts covers
360 Technology
Innovative & New Solutions

Oracle Products & Solutions

Total Coverage of Oracle Products,
Technologies & Solutions On premises
& Cloud based (OCI)

Microsoft Product & Solutions

Comprehensive Coverage
Of Microsoft Products & Solution

Resource Pool

Our main Principal Systems Ltd. has
over 8500 Professionals In ME/SA
To cover cutting Edge Technologies
implementation & Support

Technology Resource Augmentation On Demand


Resource augmentation is more than a mere buzzword; it represents a strategic pivot capable of reshaping the landscape of your business operations. This approach entails bolstering your current workforce by integrating external talent or specialized services to address particular project requirements. Elogics offers a wide array of technology resources sourced from its local pool as well as partner networks spanning across GCC, Asia, Europe, and the USA, available on demand. With a proven track record, Elogics ensures the delivery of high-quality resources through a meticulous process, facilitating seamless integration with clients’ teams and effective management of their activities.

Key Expertise:
  • Virtual Reality¬†
  • Augmented Reality
  • Mixed Reality
  • Binance NFT

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