Strategies for Growth and Kuwait's Investment Landscape


2022 Technology Industry Outlook
In an age of digital disruption, technology companies face increasing pressure to improve time to market and ensure their offerings are best in class.“Buy, build, partner” models and M&A strategies can help companies gain a competitive edge in growth areas like cloud, cognitive computing, and data analytics.
Which strategies are tech companies using to facilitate growth?
Tech companies are relying on the tried-and-true, like M&A and divestitures, and testing out new strategies like “coopetition.” Buy, build, or partner. The complexity involved in designing today’s technology platforms requires deep expertise in multiple areas. To compete more effectively, would-be competitors are using “coopetition”—pooling their resources for mutual gain in areas where they don’t compete directly. Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Provide a fast track to fending off competitors from both inside and outside the industry. Spinoffs and divestitures can help companies quickly scale or shed assets. Venture investing. Tech companies, through their venture arms, are actively investing in startups within growth areas such as artificial intelligence.
Kuwait Technology Investment prospects
Kuwait government as part of its 2035 New Kuwait plan is really pushing for a more diversified economy focusing on different sectors and a private sector that is fully functional and not reliant on government funding, as well as foreign investment into Kuwait. For startups, this means a focus on new laws, such as the following: 1. Although there are no new laws specifically for startups, there have been new bylaws making it easier for startups to obtain licenses, space and so on. Setting up the Kuwait Business Center has also been a great help to many of my clients. Kuwait has all positive environment for Investment in Technology: From a political standpoint, the country is stable, with few public protests and little chance for disruption due to regime changes or political crisis. It is one of the richest countries in the world (per capita), due to its small population and oil reserves. Kuwait also has relatively low inflation (3.5%) and a very low rate of unemployment (3.5%). We as a part of a large holding company in Kuwait with diversified investment expertise, always have a close outlook of the market. We have great opportunities where we can offer joint ventures and BOT project level consortium based investments in Kuwait and GCC Technology sector. Please set an appointment to meet with our Technology Investment experts, if you need funding for any Technology related idea-venture-product, or like to invest in Technology sector as it is one of the most profitable sector globally.

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